Top 5 IBM technological Inventions to transform human lives

Top 5 IBM technological Inventions to transform human lives

IBM Making a bold move with these 5 most valuable sustainable technological innovations for transforming human lives for future

This Year IBM Reveals the 5 in 5 idea of innovation that will change feeding techniques via reducing the hunger and waste using technological transformation. Every year IBM’s researchers list 5 in 5 ways where technological changes makes the world’s maximum changes in the next 5 years.

The population is going to hit the 8 billion mark, out of one billion not have enough requirement of food for healthy life. According to a research nearly 45% of the global food supply goes to waste.

IBM was control the invention of various technological aspects in the history. There is 5 in 5 innovation reveals as the transformation of humans future in the next 5 years through the technological aspects of food supply change around the world. 

Their Moto is to make the global food chain simple, safer and less wasteful. They already explore various technological devices, scientific processes and an innovative way of thinking that makes the future of food safely and securely.

Check out the IBM’s 5 in 5 Prediction for the global food technology supply chain4

Twinning – Image a world with instant access to critical data of world’s farmland that required by anywhere Farming digital double meet the feeding requirement of global population using less environmental resources.

Spoiler Alert – Using Blockchain technology, A.I and IoT devices IBM predict to eliminate the costly unknown processes of food supply chain from farmers to grocery suppliers to generate and acquire the optimum food to produce, order and supply as per the requirement. Food loss will diminish fully and left in the cart will fully fresh.

Mapping the microbiome – Ability to detect the thousands of microbes around the world exist at farms at factories and groceries. With the cheap and simple process of detecting the microbes from various places leads to the protection from bad microbes. It is passively predicted that the food safety officers got superpowers in the next 5 years.

Dinner plate A.I Detectives for food borne Pathogens – With the help of innovative technological devices. In the next five years it will get easy and cheap to detect dangerous microbodies from the food at farms shops and factories.

Recycling technologies for old plastics – Disposing the old trashes and the innovation in the procession of new plastic will entirely transform in the next five years by IBM.

IBM with the help of new sustainable techniques makes the world’s cheapest processes to make the food supply chain healthier and better. IBM with the sustainable and innovative techniques via technological transformation every year predict the best future techniques and seriously make it happen with the best invention.

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